Acrobatics in a canoe! - pick your wave and throw as many tricks as you can in 45 seconds. North Avon has a thriving group of paddlers developing their freestyle paddling.

Freestyle is having fun in your boat whilst performing tricks. Moves can be as simple as a tail squirt or as complicated as a McNasty. NACC has a number of freestyle paddlers who compete in events.

Freestyle is a white water sport where the name of the game is to perform a range of acrobatic tricks and stunts on a river feature (artificial or natural) such as a wave or hole or on flat water. The boats are less than 2 metres long and sacrifice forward speed for maneuverability and vertical stability. Freestyle has progressed very quickly over the last decade due to boat design improvements.

This form of the sport is enjoyed by many as a recreational sport and at the top level there are UK paddlers competing both nationally and internationally. The sport is constantly moving forward with paddlers developing new spectacular moves all the time. Most paddlers use kayaks but you do find the occasional C1 too!

Junior NACC members take part in the national Younguns Freestyle series which provides a fun combination of training and competition over a series of weekends.  NACC won the series and was runner-up in 2012!  A number of our junior paddlers have represented the UK in international freestyle competitions. For more information visit

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