Pembrokeshire Sea Kayaking Whitsun Bank Holiday 2014

With a change of weekend away from August, it worked out well with reasonable weather although the sea temperature had not really warmed up yet. With some new faces coming I decided that people should enjoy the trip and experience three different aspects of sea kayaking.

Day 1 - Sat 24/5 - Island and Currents

Solva was the starting point for this trip. One of the snags with sea kayaking is that at times it can be a walk to the sea, this was one of those days. Thankfully a small stream runs through Solva and into the estuary. The kayaks were floated to a point where it became deep enough to paddle. Here the intrepid group gathered looking out to a bright sky and calm sea, from here we headed west, enjoying the scenery as we hopped from headland to headland until we reached Ramsey sound. At this time it was around 'slack' water. I pointed out a gap called 'suicide gap' by the locals as it has an unusual flow pattern renowned for catching people out, this was the point to head for. Once we reached that destination, through we go to see a small section of the western side of Ramsey. Chance to go through a cave, see a few seals and then find a secluded beach for lunch.

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