Cricklade to Lechlade. Sunday 31st Jan 2016.

Right up my street

When a proposed white water paddle was postponed due to high water levels and a high wind forecast, Margarita and Paul suggested a paddle from Cricklade to Lechlade. The paddle was the following day and so it is not surprising that only 4 people arrived at Cricklade in the ‘mizzle. At the agreed time of 10.00.

Given the reasons for cancelling the white water trip, it shouldn’t have been surprising that water levels were high. ...


Paddling through a field

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Pembrokeshire Sea Kayaking, August 2015

Once again we pilgrimage to West Wales to sample the delights that the Pembrokeshire coast has to offer. Hendre Eynon outside of St Davids is our base for the weekend..

The first paddle (29/8) is from Newpot We launch by the local yacht club, free parking and a slipway into the river. The tide was already ebbing so we could use the outgoing stream which provides a clear route out through the waves and in to deep water. From here we meandered along the cliffs enjoying the fine weather and scenery. We hadn't gone too far when Martin misjudged the water surging around a small rock on his right and providing us with the first of two swims this weekend.

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Cricklade to Lechlade - April 2015

12 paddlers from NACC, and SACC

A sunny day for this excellent twisty paddle in gently moving water that requires attention on the bends if you are not to scrape the bank side or make friends with overhanging bushes. The water was extremely low at the put in but OK for all the rest of the trip (except for under a small bridge immediately before the lunch stop at The Red Lion pub) where there were a few scrapes on the bottom.

Someone has been doing a lot of clearance work along the river recently and a lot of tree obstructions that were previously either in or hanging over the water had been removed. Many large willow trees along the banks had also been pollarded and young ones planted further away from the edge of the water. We took out at the usual place in the meadows river right just above the road bridge and a few of us walked into town for the customary Vimto and chat about another very pleasant day on the water. 

Shropshire / Warwickshire River Severn - July 2015

Eight paddlers all from NACC in 7 boats including 2 canoes.

River levels were below the average according to the Environment Agency but the weather couldn’t have been better with enough sun to require high factor protection and a gentle tail wind for most of the way.

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River Exe and Exe canal loop - March 2015



It was raining a little when we met and we were surprised to find large-scale earth works going on at our chosen put-in immediately below the second weir in Exeter. We slid round some temporary fencing and put on with little difficulty other than some mud created by other prospective paddlers making their way to the water in the same place. 18 paddlers is a lot and Jim Hayward from SACC volunteered to be last paddler and make sure that we all arrived at the destination together.

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