The club has an extensive fleet of Canoes, Kayaks and Stand up Paddleboards for club members to hire.  As a new paddler, you can hire a kayak to get you started and help you decide what type of paddling appeals most before investing in your own kit. 

More experienced paddlers with their own kit can use club gear to supplement their own. For example if you're a whitewater paddler and fancy trying some sea kayaking or canoeing, then hire a club boat for the first few trips.  Once you've decided you want to do more, then you can pick the brains of your colleagues and club members to help you choose a boat.

It's really easy to hire gear.  Just contact the Club Equipment Officer (members only) and make arrangements to meet up at the club equipment store.  Bring your own roof-rack and straps.  Pay us a hire fee, based on the number of days you use the gear.  Other gear like paddles, spray decks, buoyancy aids and helmets are included in your hire fee. 

Our objective is to get as many people paddling as often as possible so charges aim to be reasonable.

Kit list

Kit available to hire:


  • Dagger Axiom
  • Perception Whip-it
  • Perception Sparc, Arc,
  • Dagger Redline
  • Master TG
  • Necky Jive
  • Dagger Dynamo
  • Sit on Tops


  • Dagger Mamba
  • Top Duo (Whitewater K2)

Sea Kayaks

  • Andromeda (Glassfibre)
  • P&H Scorpio
  • Sirrocco  (very stable)
  • North star (Tandem)



  • Prospector 16' (Royalex)
  • Prodpector 15 (Royalex)
  • Bell Yellowstone 16' (Royalex)
  • Symphony (Plastic)
  • Bell Ocoee OC1
  • Pyranha Sub 7 C1 (juniors)
  • Letterman Rage C1 (juniors and small adults) Dagger Honcho (Larger Adults)


Stand Up Paddleboards

  • C4 Waterman inflatable SUP.


  • 1 rubber duck (belongs to Tony, so you'll need to wrestle him for it)

Kit Rules and Regulations

If you are a member and would like to hire a boat, please contact the equipment officer (see committee page).

The club charges £10.00 per day for hiring one of the club boats. 

A returnable (cash) deposit of £20.00 per boat, for use on a maximum of grade 2 water (with grade 3 features). This is increased to £50.00 for any higher water levels.

Also following rules must be followed:

  • At least 72 hours notice will be given when hiring equipment. Late bookings may not be accepted.
  • The club reserves the right to refuse any booking.
  • All cancellations of equipment hire should be notified as soon as possible so that others who wish to use the equipment have the chance to do so.
  • All equipment to be paid for at the time of collection.
    • Any additional days will have to be paid for on return
  • All times of collection and return - to be arranged in advance and adhered to.
  • Equipment to be returned in a clean state.
    • This means all boats must be washed and clean before they are returned.
  • Report damage of any equipment when it is returned.
    • Damage or loss incurred during private hire or incorrect use whilst in hire, is to be paid for or rectified by hire users. To be determined by the Equipment Officer
  • Equipment to be used up to grades of water specified, not above.
  • Members may apply to the committee for a reduced hire rate if the intention is to train for a recognised event.


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We also have a (members only) Facebook group : Facebook NACC