I want to join a new club



NACC offers:

  • Very low cost membership.

  • Extensive fleet of canoes, kayaks and paddles

  • SUP's- new in 2014

  • Personal safety kit provided

  • Summertime training courses

  • Weekend training events

  • BCU training and assessments.

  • Coaching development encouraged- up to 50% paid

  • Monthly pool sessions

  • Pool, river, white water, free style, canal, lake and sea trips

  • Trips and events to suit all levels of ability

  • Friendly sociable club

  • All ages welcome from 8-80+

  • Families welcome

  • Average annual membership 160.

  • Members only FB page.

  • BCU affiliated

  • Sponsored by local kit provider – competitive member discounts on all kit


What members have said:

"A safe family friendly club"

"I joined because the Mrs dragged me!"

"Develops skills"

"I found some good friends here"

"It was local to where we live"

"Welcomes paddlers at all levels"

"I joined to get away from my partner"

"Meet new friends"


Where have we paddled?

  • The Avon

  • Local Canals

  • Wye (lower, mid & upper)

  • Usk

  • Thames

  • Great Glen

  • Spey

  • Severn

  • Dart (Lower, Loop, Upper)

  • Torridge

  • Barle

  • Exe

  • Axe

  • Surf beaches

  • Coastal touring, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Dorset, Devon

  • And many more...

So you want to get back into a boat and start paddling again??

Life happens, fact; We all start off wanting this or that, then something crops up and we end up doing something entirely different, then at a later date you think back and say to yourself, I want to go canoeing/kayaking again, but need a little help (shove/seal launch) towards getting back in a boat.

Maybe you:

  • Paddled some, when you were a kid (perhaps in scouts or other youth group), but didnt take it further when you changed school/career
  • Were part of a group or other club and have moved to the region
  • Took time out of whitewater sports to bring up a family
  • Think you've forgotten everything you once learned (you won't have it's like riding a bike, but falling off/in is easier)
  • Want to meet up with like minded people who also enjoy paddling
  • or.. or... or 

Well, whatever, we don't really care what the reason is/was, but since you're here reading this, we can assume it's because you want to get back in a boat again and either refresh what you had or learn new skills. 

So why not come along to a taster session (or two) either in the pool at Yate or evenings at the Shallows, Saltford (between Bristol and Bath)? We'll help you find your water legs again and get you back in a boat and paddling.

You'll find details more details of what we do and where in the "Paddling section".

Still interested? Tthen click on "Become a Member" and join up.

I want to try Canoeing

There many different types of people (paddlers), styles of paddling, places and ways to enjoy canoeing. These range from the madcap adrenaline rush down to the sedate mid summer potterings. 

For example if you want to:

  • learn how to serenely paddle around a slow moving river or lake on sunny afternoons
  • take you and your family, safely, out for a day or longer on a river
  • paddle and surf the coastline of the UK (or wider afield, should that take your fancy)
  • go river touring and enjoy some of the easier fun moving water the UK has to offer
  • race down boiling white water slaloming around rocks, catching eddies no bigger than your boat
  • career down narrow gorges and launch yourself off the top of precipitous waterfalls

...or anywhere in between really 

then you've come to the right place!

What we're not going to do is  tell you to go and buy the latest kit then drive to a big rapid and chuck yourself in at the top and figure it out on the way down.

What we'd rather you do is:

  • start off on the right footing and find out if this is for you or not. Maybe attend a couple of taster sessions either in the pool at Yate or evenings at the Shallows, Saltford (between Bristol and Bath)
  • learn the basics, attend some of the training courses and maybe work towards getting your one, two or three star awards
  • attend club paddles and gain experience in the great outdoors. 
  • borrow boats and kit (paddles/boyancy aids, helmets ...) from us
  • listen and learn from the very experienced and enthusiastic team of trainers, paddlers that belong to the club
  • make lots of new paddling friends.

Still interested? Then click on "Become a Member" and join up.  We look forward to meeting you.


We are North Avon Canoe Club

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We also have a (members only) Facebook group : Facebook NACC