Tidal Thames from Twickenham to Shadwell Basin

Flatwater and touring
2018-05-12 09:00
United Kingdom

Paddle the tidal Thames from Twickenham to Shadwell Basin passing Richmond, the Houses of Parlliament, the London Eye, the Tower of London and paddlign under Tower Bridge.

It will be a long and tiring day aimed at confident sea kayakers and experienced tandem canoe crews, that can keep up a touring speed of 3mph (without tidal assistance) over several hours.

The plan for the day is as follows:
- Meet 9am at Twickenham Embankment (short term parking only).
- Car shuttle leaves at 9:30am to leave all cars at Shadwell Basin (free car parking at weekends). Drivers return to start by public transport.
- The whole car shuttle will take about 3h. Non-drivers can wander into nearby Twickenham, as long as one person stays with the boats.
- Start paddling around 1pm, latest at 1:30pm.
- Paddle 19 miles in 5 hours, before the tide turns against us. We'll hopefully have a flow of 2mph helping us along.
- Arrive at Shadwell Basin around 6:15pm and get out near the pub "Prospect of Whitby", where we could have an evening meal together before setting off home.


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  • 2018-05-12 09:00

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